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What salary to expect in the Czech Republic

What salary to expect in the Czech Republic

Before you decide to accept a job opportunity in the Czech Republic, it is interesting to have a look what to expect in terms of remuneration. We think that we all admit the salary we get at the end of the month stands for one of the key factors in choosing a new job. Not to forget other important factors like the working hours, bonuses, and the ability to develop your existing skills and personal expertise too. We all have some general idea of what our salary should be like but does the reality live up to the expectations? Let’s see.

General review of the salaries in the Czech Republic

In 2016 like the year before, the Czech Republic once again placed in 20th position within the list of the average salary in the European Union. To be specific, the national average gross salary in the country increased to 29,320 CZK (ca 1,080 EUR) per month in the last quarter of 2016, experiencing 7,7% leap from the quarter before. This was caused mainly due to the weaker CZK to EUR/USD exchange rate, which has recently made salaries more favorable. Over the past five years, the average annual wage has grown well around 3-5 % and it is expected to remain relatively stable at these growth levels. The capital city of Prague alone adds some 15-20 % up to the national average. As for other regions in respect of the salary levels, the second place belongs to Central Bohemian Region followed by Carlsbad region, Pilsen, and South Moravian Region.

According to the regular statistics provided by Eurostat, the country sees one of the largest growth in annual salaries in the Union for several consecutive years already. These overall dynamics makes Czech market noticeably more attractive to foreign job seeks than ever in the past. Compared to other EU countries, skilled and multilingual labor force in the Czech Republic leads to an upper level of labor costs while providing a very good level of education in return. Let's take a closer look at the average monthly salary for the different economic sectors.

IT and engineering lead the list

The best salaries in the Czech Republic (and probably in most other countries too) can be generally found in IT and telecommunications sector, falling within the range of 1,300 - 3,200 EUR per month depending on a position and the experience level of the employee. The most common jobs include IT Administration / Operations, Technical Support, Development, and IT Consulting. For expats with only little technical knowledge, multilingual customer support in some international IT company acting in the country (such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Tieto, Red Hat etc.) is considered a good starting point. Most of the foreign students studying IT would like to make it to the top in Google.

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Other sectors with above-average salary are manufacturing, logistics, and engineering. The typical professions are Project Management – Delivery Manager, R&D – Test Engineer, Manufacturing – Product Supervision, Purchase and Logistics – Transport Coordinator, and Technical Sales – Support. The extent of salaries is even broader here, ranging generally between 900 and 4,300 EUR per month. The most sought-after employers in Engineering include ŠKODA AUTO (Volkswagen Group), Siemens, Hyundai, ABB, Honeywell, and others.

Business and administration close behind

The next well-paying industry is business and commerce. The list of attractive employers should definitely not miss large banks like Česká národní banka (Czech National Bank), Komerční banka, ČSOB, and Česká spořitelna as well as popular shopping centers and department stores including IKEA, AHOLD, Lidl, MAKRO Cash&Carry, and Not to mention consumer goods providers such as Plzeňský Prazdroj (beer), Coca-Cola, HBC Heineken, Kofola or Nestlé. The typical salary in banking, financial services, and sales lies somewhere between 900 and 2,200 EUR per month. The list of professions is very broad, ranging from sales representatives, marketing and retail managers up to financial analysts, tax auditors, and corporate bankers.

Foreign job seekers with high education can also use their experience to find a job in HR, business administration or law industry were standard wages range from 650 up to 2900 EUR per month.

To get more information about the currently open vacancies suitable for expats, browse the jobs list on If you want to get more information about average salaries in certain positions visit or Eurostats.

Author: Lukáš Beňa

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