Tips on how to find a job in the Czech Republic

Tips on how to find a job in the Czech Republic

So, having heard many great things about the Czech Republic, you have given it some serious thought and have decided that you would like to find a job in the country. Good decision. But, how to turn that desire into reality? Well, to offer a very precise summary to start with, there are two important areas to focus your energies on: the advice and tips of those young professionals already both resident and successfully working in the country, and two, how Monster, the global careers portal is an expert in connecting the right people to the right jobs.

When it comes to the careers stories of young Y and Millennial professionals now firmly established in the Czech Republic, much of the same advice on how to get a career crops up again and again. Some essential tips mentioned by those who found their first or second jobs in the Czech Republic include having solid interpersonal skills, patience and goals achievement abilities, on top of having a professional university level qualification in a specialised field of expertise, of course. Then perhaps most crucially, the attainment of very professional language skills is seen as essential, i.e. one foreign language to a working standard, strong communication abilities in the Czech language, plus ‘fluency’ in the English language. An official working visa is also a fundamental pre-requisite.

And then, of course, there is Monster, the careers portal that Czech-based professionals refer to as a must-have tool to get that all important first job. In terms of the Czech Republic, is the go-to place to get seriously down to the job hunting as it mainly specialises in multi-lingual jobs for international companies, two things that the Czech Republic has in large supply. Don’t forget too, that through the portal, it is easy to create certain settings so you can be immediately notified if a potentially suitable job appears on the careers site. Moreover, you can also create a profile and save your up-to-date C.V in the knowledge that HR professionals use Monster as a primary tool to add new talents to their company’s personnel.

If you have a suitable professional degree, impressive multi-lingual abilities and the passion and determination to succeed, just add and its intelligent digital, social and mobile solutions, and a job in the Czech Republic is there for the taking. So, let’s get to work!

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