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Eat, dance, improvise – it is time to party!

Eat, dance, improvise – it is time to party!

It is a kind of tradition that companies organize Christmas parties in order to express thanks to their people and partners for their year-round efforts, bringing them joy and happiness through entertainment program, giving presents as well as consuming good foods and drinks. According to a recently conducted research, up to 75 percent of all companies in the Czech Republic are about to arrange Christmas party or even many in 2016.

Office Christmas parties and other casual meetings are important tools that help maintain and build relationships with employees as well as existing and potential partners. Companies know this and that's why they increasingly invest more funds for this purpose. Year 2016 should be the record-breaking with most events to be held during Advent, the most suitable period for social events. Do you already have a plan to make this year's party the most memorable one ever?

Parties are getting more specialized

Almost every year the same - bowling, carols, sweets, dance parties with confetti and fully-loaded buffet tables.  For a number of employees, it is beginning to be humdrum and quite predictable. So why not cut loose a bit, play a couple of games and spend time making each other laugh. A party with a dose of ideas, adventure or adrenaline will be a great farewell for everyone. Late experience shows that creative workshops tend to be a success - anyone who does not dance may create Christmas decorations, mix an unusual drink, twist his own sushi or make a trifle as a gift for a loved one. It's still true that a gift from your own workshop pleases most.

Toys and theater

Another interesting idea in which you'll have a great time is to dedicate a part of the evening to teamwork and produce toys for children, bringing them real joy or try improvisation on stage. Improvisational theater is becoming more and more popular. For one night you can conquer the stage while learning the basics of improvisation and reacting to spicy themes of your colleagues. Idea is to enjoy the show based your own topics thrown into the arena while the actors don't know what are they actually going to play beforehand. It is funny to see how the team copes with the embodiment of "love at a copier" or "the boss's favorite foods". Funny and elegant way to entertain the entire staff!

Or something completely new

If you like to have your company event completely original, you can try the Christmas party without a party. One trend is to invite employees  to an adventure game in a town. Common tasks they face will strongly help unite the team and establish an informal but useful relationships. Other trend is to connect Christmas with childhood memories and romantic atmosphere and drive out to the countryside with the smell of pine needles, vanilla, baked cookies and a carp is to be pulled out from a pond.  Unique ideas and creativity are the key to ensuring that December is a month full of positive experiences and lifetime memories.

Article is written by Lukáš Beňa
Lukas works as an independent PR specialist, copywriter, translator and technical writer. He is a very good ping-pong player, philosopher and lover of cats. More about Lukas

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