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Christmas time in the Czech Republic

As in all Christian countries worldwide and a large number of non-Christian as well, Christmas season in the Czech Republic is a festive time to be shared with family, friends and even co-workers. A lot of local employers also join in the celebrations by letting employees to place decorations and exchange gifts. Concurrently, they like to host holiday parties full of food, music, fun, and alcohol. Celebrating Christmas Eve on December 24 has the main focus with gift-giving and sharing a traditional meal with the family. The following two days, Christmas Feast and St Stephens Day, are bank holidays too. With regards to Christmas and work, let's sum up some typical trends related to work approach to the seasonal holidays in the Czech Republic.

Christmas bonuses

After years of the crisis, the largest Czech employers have returned to Christmas bonuses. More than a third of the local enterprises sweetened the holidays for their employees this way in the previous two years and, luckily, the trend is slightly growing. Other companies, however, do not rush into giving Christmas bonuses. Sometimes they reward their staff continuously throughout the year. It results from a survey conducted by Czech Radio among 40 Czech companies. Most companies do not pay the standard 13th and 14th salaries. This benefit is likely to get rather employees in firms with collective agreements where rewards, bonuses, and evaluation of performance for the entire year depends on the economy in a given year.

One time, different approaches

Despite the pre-Christmas time is the most profitable period of the year for various stores, restaurants, and online shops, it can also be perceived as "lost time” for employers running businesses that simply cannot profit from the festive rush. Good examples are the building sector, craft work and many business service providers. It is the time of year when employees like to take their regular annual vacations either because they need to take care of children during school holidays or just to spend time shopping and enjoy the holiday tidings. Apart from many people enjoying time away from their work, there are also factors that can result in unpleasant disciplinary issues. These include the typical delays and problems with phone and mail responsiveness over the seasonal period.

At the same time, higher demands for products and services can leave overloaded workers prone to take a disciplinary or dismissal action which may result in fewer members of personnel being available to support sales efforts during what may be the busiest time of the year. When such circumstances occur, we advise to keep calm and carry on because it's Christmas. Remember it will all return to normal when the holidays are over so don’t take any action you might find unreasonable soon after.

Article is written by Lukáš Beňa
Lukas works as an independent PR specialist, copywriter, translator and technical writer. He is a very good ping-pong player, philosopher and lover of cats. More about Lukas

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