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Career story: Denny, Teacher

Career story: Denny, Teacher

Hi, my name is Denny, I am 25 years old and I come from Nottingham in England. Currently I live in Prague. I don't have a degree yet  but I would like to get one in something education related in the future. At the moment I work in a bilingual state primary and secondary school in Prague.

How did you end up in the Czech Republic?

I wanted to do a TEFL course and kind of randomly picked Prague, my options were a bit limited without a degree so I was looking into either the Czech Republic or Spain, and the Czech Republic won.

What you like most about living in Czech Republic?

The transport system is amazing and cheap, and the way of living feels very relaxed.

How did you find your first job?

This job is actually my first job. The director from my TEFL course posted an advert for it on Facebook and I replied.
What are the best parts of your job?

The people who I work with are all really lovely, and it's a big school which I like as there is lots going on. And of course the children!

What kind of skills are important?

Not being afraid to ask for help, and being flexible if something goes wrong or not as planned. Sometimes a lesson will not go as you thought it would and you need to be able to adapt it at short notice.

Your tips for foreign job seekers who would like to find a job in Czech Republic or who would like to move, or are moving to the Czech region?

If you do a TEFL course they should help you with job offers, and also on the expats website, they have a section where they post jobs. In general I would say just flood everywhere with your CV, there are so many jobs in Prague you just need to put yourself out there as much as possible. And don't get disheartened if you don't get a job straight away. To be honest I got a rejected for jobs a few times and was a bit worried about finding one, but looking back I didn't need to be. And I am so happy with the job that I did get that I am happy I didn't get the other ones.

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