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Career story: Nick Muldrew, Application Administrator

Career story: Nick Muldrew, Application Administrator

My name is Nick Muldrew, I am from Sydney, Australia and I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney, then 2 Diplomas in IT from Crows’ Nest TAFE college, Sydney. I live in Prague and my current job is Application Administrator for Diebold Nixdorf (Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 administrator [Operations]. I have been working at the company for three years now: it was a German company formerly known as Wincor Nixdorf until a recent merger with the US company Diebold.

How did you end up in the Czech Republic?

Ever since I first travelled to Europe, I wanted to live and work somewhere in this region. Due to my father's heritage (born in Belfast, Northern Ireland), I was eligible to apply for British Citizenship and obtain a UK passport. Due to good employment opportunities here in Prague, I was able to secure a job (and thus avoid having to travel the long journey back to Australia!).

What you like most about living in Czech?

There are many reasons: the people, the weather, the sense of community, the arts and music scene, the excellent standard of public transportation in Prague, the liberal society here, the low cost of living and... the quality Czech beer!

How did you find your first job?

I found my first job online via some careers sites (I can't recall what they were now, possibly it was I had a couple of phone interviews for positions here in Prague while I was living in Dublin, Ireland and was able to secure two face-to-face interviews. At that point, I booked a flight and fortunately was successful at the first interview and was offered a job as a Windows client administrator for Wincor Nixdorf. One year later, I transferred internally to the Microsoft Exchange operations team and have been in this role for the last two years.

Where do you work now? How did you end up there?

I am still working in the same job as when I first arrived in the Czech Republic, things have gone well here for me. I'm lucky enough to work with many amazing colleagues, many of whom I'm lucky enough to call my friends!

What are the best parts of your jobs?

The best parts of the job are associating with the many great people here and the experience I'm gathering in a corporate IT environment.

What kind of skills are important?

Important skills are a combination of technical skills and interpersonal skills, an ability to be flexible and patient, and a desire to always learn something new. Having a passion for technology also helps!

Your tips for foreign job seekers who would like to find a job in Czech or who would like to move, or are moving to Czech?

I would recommend looking at jobs within the bigger corporate companies with offices in Prague
There are many helpful groups for expats on Facebook, such as Crowdsauce CZ, Prague Expats and Prague. The website is also a great resource for new arrivals.

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