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Career story: Diogo Videira, Sourcing Specialist, Monster Career CZ

Career story: Diogo Videira, Sourcing Specialist, Monster Career CZ

Hi all, I am Diogo Videira. I am originally from Porto, nice city located in Portugal. I have studied Psychology and at the moment I work as a Sourcing specialist at . So at the moment I am living in beautiful Prague.

How did you end up in the Czech Republic?

I needed an international experience and a new work project, so I thought in some of the cities that could offer me a good lifestyle, work conditions and something different in terms of culture from what I was used to. Prague was one of them. And as I already had been in Prague and really enjoyed the city, my girlfriend was Czech and I had the information that here you have a lot of options in terms of career there, I decided to give it a try.

What you like most about living in Czech Rep.?

I like the city itself, the transport system, the mix of cultures and people you can find here, the parks, the fact Prague is in center of Europe, the open society, the low cost of living.

How did you find your first job?

I was actively searching for a job and I saw the ad for a job at Monster. I already knew the company, so I decided to apply. The project was really interesting for me, they offered me the job, and here I am happy at my work.

What are the best parts of your jobs?

That I am never doing the same, I am in contact with different people every day. I am learning every day. I have autonomy and I feel that I can help people. My working environment and my colleagues are great and I am working with really interesting project.

What kind of skills are important?

Beside the technical skills, I would say flexibility, belief, resilience, pro-activity and capacity to adapt fast are really important.

Your tips for foreign job seekers who would like to move/are moving to Czech Rep. and want to work here?

Finding a job isn’t hard in Czech Republic, especially in Prague, try the most famous job boards (like,, and for sure you will find something suitable for you. But my best advice for you is, come and see everything for yourself, meet new people, learn new things, try new food and drinks, travel all around the country, go out of your comfort zone and for sure you will grow.

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