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Career story: Asif Akram

Career story: Asif Akram

Hi prospective expats to Prague! I am Asif Akram. I am from Birmingham, England. I have completed a BA (Hons) Business Administration degree and Masters (Msc) in Electronic Commerce.
I have been in sales for 14 years, with experience working in a variety of fields in real estate, telecommunications and most recently I.T. Currently I am living in the heart of Prague, Vinohrady, an area with great scenery, parks, lovely cafes, bars and a good expat community.

How did you end up to Czech Republic?

I met a lovely Czech girl and as our love developed so did my love for Prague.

What you like most about living in Czech Republic?

Czech Republic is a relatively easy country to assimilate to as an expat.  There is a large expat community and a number of global companies are based here.  Whist knowledge and speaking Czech language is beneficial, its not 100% necessary, in fact I got by for 6 years with "jedno pivo prosim".  On a serious note Czechs tend to keep to themselves, but if you try to speak Czech, they do appreciate it; and once you make friends, you will have friends for life.  Prague is a beautiful city, with great culture and history, along with cosmopolitan bars and shopping malls.

How did you find your first job?

I searched a variety of sites Monster, and sent out my CV as much as possible.  There are a number of companies looking for international expats and language requirements.

Where do you work now?

 I am currently employed  with international IT company based in Prague and focused leading my partner network sales force towards accomplishing aggressive goals, and coach them to sell both new online services and legacy products to market quickly.  
What is the best parts of your job?

I love my job. I work in an international team with colleagues from all over Europe and afar.  Its great meeting new people and learning new things.  
I work in an exciting digital era where business should embrace digital transformation, I regularly engage with customer & partners, informing and supporting the direction towards devices, cloud services, and social media, whereby bringing higher growth for the company and make it less dependent on a declining pc market.

What kind of skills are important?

Adaptability - you have to be able to adapt easily to a new country, new city and of course new work ethics and manners.
Sociable and communications - be prepared to make advances first, start conversations, and communicate effectively.
Growth mindset - you should look to grow from the experience whether good or bad and strive to achieve more.

Your tips for foreign job seekers who would like to move/are moving to Czech Rep. and want to work here?

Moving countries and setting up somewhere new is always going to be painful, thankfully there is a lot of information and online groups which really help support and offer great advice.  Try social media like Facebook groups where expats are happy to give advice on neighborhoods, meetups, employer experiences, and even sell household furniture which is ideal to help you set up your new home.  There's a lot of help should you seek it.

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