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The city of Brno - a place full of opportunities for work and fun

The city of Brno - a place full of opportunities for work and fun

Right after the Prague capital, Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. It is considered to be the cultural and administrative center of the South Moravian Region. The city has a deep history dating further than a thousand years back. It offers services for companies and employment opportunities for jobseekers on the European level. Above that, Brno has one of the most prestigious universities in Central Europe (Masaryk University) making it a highly sought-after place of young people from both the inland and abroad coming over here to study and work. A substantial part of the town's inhabitants can communicate in English, at least for a basic understanding.

Among some Czechs, especially those from Prague, the city of Brno has a reputation of a nice and peaceful place where not much actually happens. But it's not quite true in reality. If you visited the town, you would most probably encounter thousands of young people, mainly students, either gathering nearby the school campus or enjoying their lively evening and night entertainment occupying a large number of cafés and pubs in the area as well as diverse social events that may easily rival those in Prague. A unique combination of historical and modern architecture, great museums, gourmet restaurants, two excellent microbreweries and countless monuments are just a bit of the plenty to reward a stay here of at least a couple days. More information about cultural opportunities in the city can be provided by the tourist information office.

A work permit for expats

Luckily, most expats will not have a problem working in Brno as the formalities relating to it are required to be handled by an employer, not employees. Slightly more complicated is the situation for those who are on their own, either looking for a job or applying for a work permit. Good news is that people coming to the Czech Republic from any EU member state don’t need a work permit. They have free hands to start doing their job immediately, only their employers have to send an infocard to the Labor office. However, this doesn't apply for those wishing to work in the Czech Republic as employees without being an EU citizen. In such a case, having a work permit (“povolení k zaměstnání”) or a long-term residence permit ("povolení k dlouhodobému pobytu") is a necessity along with a visa issued for work purposes.

The official authority to file an application for the work permit is the Labor Office of the Czech Republic ("Úřad práce České republiky") with the main Brno office in the street Polní 37. The application has to include the potential employer, the job position, the place of work, and the length of time the job will last. The website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs offers detailed instructions on how to fill in and submit the application for the work permit. It is common practice that the work permit is combined with a residence card in a so-called dual employee card. Additionally, there is an option for an EU-recognized residency permit, so-called Blue cards, typically provided to high-skilled (requiring university education) and high-income (at least 1,5 times the Czech average income) professionals. The Labor Office lists those positions in a special registry.
Finding a job in Brno

Fortunately, the past years have shown a steady growth in work opportunities for foreigners in the city which is strongly driven by an increasing number of international companies (mainly in the IT and outsourcing sectors), new research centers being built by the city’s university and a higher demand for qualified language teachers (in particular of English) at the city’s language schools. On the top of that, Brno Expat Centre, which can be found at the square Moravské náměstí 3, is a free public service supported by the city of Brno to help incoming foreigners find their job quickly. Among the largest employers in the city of Brno count pretty familiar brands like Lufthansa, IBM, Honeywell, Infosys, Motorola and others. Despite there is no central registry of job openings in Brno, most of the recruitment agencies and direct employers can be easily reached out online such as on or

Article is written by Lukáš Beňa
Lukas works as an independent PR specialist, copywriter, translator and technical writer. He is a very good ping-pong player, philosopher and lover of cats. More about Lukas

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